This time on Salesforce Trails and Trials, hosts Jon Cline and Erik Yewell talk about the perils of a dev-first perspective. Plus novel uses for Lightning web components, DataWeave access in Apex, lessons from an Elon Musk rocket tour, downloading new knowledge, and more.

Jon Cline has been working in IT since 1998 and is a very curious person. Erik Yewell has been in IT for 23 years and done just about everything you can imagine. They share their wins and worse so you can learn with them.

What We’ve Learned

Jon learned a couple novel ways to use Lightning web components for exporting PDFs and scanning. Meanwhile Erik talks about DataWeave access in Apex, an important cross-cloud technology improvement.

One Small Thing

For this episode’s one small thing that can have big consequences, Erik and Jon explore the perils of a dev-first perspective. This would be the person who tackles everything with code. You can certainly do that in Salesforce, but should you? One of the big downsides is that when you custom code, you lose out on the flexibility that makes Salesforce so unique. You also lock yourself into code that will likely need to be maintained and upgraded in the future. It’s also tying up your most expensive resources for a task someone else could handle.

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