The Pro’s Pro.

Even pros can get stumped by a Salesforce challenge. 

I can offer feedback, answers, or a second opinion to help you break through. As Salesforce organizations mature and the landscape of connected services becomes more numerous and complex, sometimes you need an outside perspective to see things clearly.

Sample Questions

Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions I can help you with:

  • I lead a mid-size Salesforce consulting partner and I’m seeing a lot of red accounts. I know the problems but how can I empower my team to overcome and prevent this?
  • Trailhead is a great tool, but it’s overwhelming. What should I focus on to hit my goals? What’s Trailhead missing that I still need to know?
  • We’re hitting hurdles and blocks on a big project. Can you help with some strategies and insights to get past the logjam and keep our customer happy? 

Let’s be clear: I’m not your tech support. I’m not providing answers you can find on Google. This is for the deep, meaty questions that need real insight and perspective. 


Ask Me

Send me your question and some details about the situation. I’ll get back to you with suggestions or we’ll set up a time to chat further.

4 + 8 =

Jon is an exceptional problem solver that cares. Jon helped me debug a complex trigger problem in my Salesforce instance at the Consultation Outpost during Dreamforce. Not only did he sit with me and talk through all the potential scenarios, he was able to show me a clear and concise strategy on how to fix the problem. What makes Jon special is that he helped me when there was no benefit to him. People like Jon are rare and are a pleasure to work with

Timothy Keith

Director at Introhive