Hi, I’m Jon Cline. I’m a foster kid turned company founder.

Inspired by my own experience in foster care, I started FounderKids to mentor transition age foster youth. 

Every year, thousands of kids age out of the system and are expected to make it on their own without a safety net or role models. The results are predictable, but we have an opportunity to turn prior pain into future gain. 

With the right training and mentoring, foster youth can build practical and intangible skills to help them launch a successful career. Currently I work with two organizations doing great work to help foster kids, Family Independence Initiative and Second Nurture. I also accept foster kids into my coaching and mentoring academy at no charge. 

Supporting Foster Kids

A portion of all the work I do goes to support FounderKids. So by working with me, you’re supporting foster kids and helping provide the mentors they need. But you can also help by joining me and making a direct donation. 

    Serving Foster Kids

    Every foster kid has their own story and many of you are still writing yours. I want to help you write it well. If you’re interested in building the skills you need to succeed, you can join my coaching and mentoring academy. 

    Let’s connect. Tell me your foster story and why you want to be a founder. I’ll evaluate if my academy is right for you and point you to some helpful resources.

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