Sharing stories and connecting with others in your field is one of the best ways to grow. That’s what I like to do on the podcast I co-host with Erik Yewell, Salesforce Trails and Trials. We talk about our journey, swap stories, and trade tips. Now we’d like to hear from you. What’s your story?

The Phone Line

We’ve set up a phone line where you can call in and leave a message. Share your story. Ask your questions. Talk about your trial so we can all learn and grow from your experience. The phone number is 540-TRIALS-5 (that’s 540-874-2575).

We’ll share select stories on the podcast. 

Tackle Trials Together

The reality is you’re not alone. While we all face our own unique struggles, there’s a lot of commonality among our challenges. That means we can learn from each other. 

So let’s hear your trial:

  • Platform: Struggling with code or a new dependency or a quirk of Salesforce you just can’t figure out? 
  • Process: The way we work matters—are you juggling too many tasks at once? 
  • People: Navigating bosses and clients and colleagues can often be more complicated than code—how do you work better with humans?

Give us a call and let’s tackle your trial together: 540-TRIALS-5.