This time around on Salesforce Trails and Trials, hosts Jon Cline and Erik Yewell share their own stories of one small thing that caused big problems. Plus, dynamic form components, helpful tools of the trade, dirty drugs, and bees.

Jon Cline has been working in IT since 1998 and is a very curious person. Erik has been in IT for 23 years and done just about everything you can imagine. They share their wins and worse so you can learn with them.

Erik learned he’s been debugging wrong for years and had to go back and brush up with Trailhead. Jon learned about dynamic form components and a flow that makes it easier.

For this episode’s one small thing that can have big consequences, Jon and Erik tell real life stories where one small mistake caused major problems. For Jon, it was four mouse clicks to remove an object. It resulted in $20,000 of work lost and the schedule being pushed back a week. For Erik, it was wrestling with one tiny bug leading into a presentation. He kept telling his boss he’d fix it, but as the clock wound down he couldn’t fix it and the presentation went south. He learned some important lessons about communicating needs and dealing with risk.