On this episode of Salesforce Trails and Trials, hosts Jon Cline and Erik Yewell talk about how avoiding an activation checkbox can make you a hero. Plus we don’t know what we don’t know, how to make pages load faster, tracking changes in sandboxes, and more.

Jon Cline has been working in IT since 1998 and is a very curious person. Erik has been in IT for 23 years and done just about everything you can imagine. They share their wins and worse so you can learn with them.

Jon learned about an ‘order on behalf of’ feature with Cloud Commerce and Erik learned about sandboxes and tracking changes as well as the super nerdy metadata coverage report—here’s how to enable source tracking a deep dive into source tracking.

This episode’s one small thing that can have big consequences is updating sandboxes. So if a sandbox gets behind production and needs to be refreshed, there’s a potential to lose a lot of work with that update if you’re not careful. There’s a checkbox that offers to automatically activate the sandbox, which seems helpful, but that one little checkbox can have a big impact. You might ask your team if it’s OK to update the sandbox and they won’t think about it and just give you the nod. But then it catches up and they realize there’s something they haven’t used in a while but it’s super important or took a ton of time. If you used that checkbox, it’s too late. But if you uncheck it and start the refresh but activate it manually, then you can still go in and save whatever your team didn’t remember the first time. It’s a simple way to be the hero. 


  • Use the Trailhead mobile app for Salesforce training and learning.
  • A simple way to see what is causing a page to load slowly is Network Timeline in Chrome’s developer tools. You can do the same thing in Salesforce with debug mode.
  • The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know. But when you have an attitude of learning, that just opens the door. 
  • Jon will be speaking at the upcoming CenCal Dreamin’ event about CRM adoption and how to get people to actually want to use it.