I’m the kind of guy who loves to learn and share what I’ve learned. I like to add value. I hope people walk away from a conversation with me feeling like they got something out of it. As much as I love one-on-one conversations, I also love ways we can multiply our efforts. That’s why I like speaking gigs and hope to do more of them soon.

The Challenge: Finding the Right Person

Let’s be honest: The real challenge for any event is finding speakers that really connect with your audience. People go into an event with high expectations. They’ve committed their time and maybe paid some money, so they’re looking for a return on that investment. It’s critical to have the right speaker. 

The wrong person at an event can create a myriad of problems: negative feedback, decreased engagement for the next speaker, low adoption of any goals or outcomes, and fewer future registrations. It’s not just one less-than-stellar session, it reflects on the event and the event organizers. 

You’re under pressure to get it right. I can help. 

Why Me? 

I’ve got technical and executive experience going back to 1998. I’ve also had to start over a few times. I went through the foster care system, but made my way to college, then dropped out to join the dot com boom. 

I’ve learned a few things, and I’d love to share them. 

  • Effective style: My approach is disarming, humorous, and sincere. That allows me to address challenging topics while overcoming anxiety and allowing for change. 
  • Inspiration: Making real change is hard, but I can offer the inspiration that comes before the perspiration. That’s how you make lasting change happen.
  • Let’s get practical: Implementing Salesforce can have a huge impact on your bottom line—we’re talking a top line ROI of 37%.

With my team and mentoring academy, I’ve helped others grow and boosted their digital quality of life. I can help the executive team meet their needs while offering practical tips to the coders and managers who make it happen. I’ve helped organizations solve problems, and it pays off.

Why Now? 

I’ve done plenty of speaking at conferences and events over the years, but my resume became a bit outdated (“Email Marketing for Blackberrys”?!) as my focus shifted to my kids. Now that they’re older, I’m ready to get back out there and contribute. 

I also have more to share now. I’ve worked with Salesforce forever and I’ve now contributed to more than a thousand Salesforce projects. That’s a lot of lessons learned the hard way, both real world technical insights and practical life lessons. 

But more than my personal focus, this is a timely moment for people more broadly. As we’re slowly coming out of a global pandemic and unending months of life on Zoom, things can change like never before. The pandemic forced many stubborn organizations to throw off inertia and make radical changes. We’ve questioned so many of the absolutes of life and now people are reevaluating their choices. 

People are ready to consider something different. Now is the time to seize that moment. Inspiring people to make the hard changes is what I do. Rather than slip back into old habits, now is the time for people to remake themselves and their careers. That can be a benefit to organizations who welcome reinvigorated teams, or it can be a loss as good people head for greener pastures. 

Let’s Connect

That’s why I think I’d be a great speaker for your next event. But as I said at the beginning, it’s a challenge to find just the right person. So what are you looking for and how can I help? Even if I’m not the right speaker for your next event, I’d love to recommend someone else. Let’s connect.

What Others Say

“Jon is among the rare category of technology professionals that is able to translate complex ideas into plain English.”

-Steve Dailey, Founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Excellence

“Jon is brilliant. Without question, he is one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. That said, he is also tons of fun!”

-Carmen Cardova, Marketing and Sales Operations Manager at HealthSparq

“Jon is one of the most well-read, knowledgable, and innovative people I know in the technology industry.”

-Tony Bolander, Regional Sales Manager at Splunk