Today is the first day of Dressember, a style challenge where we dress up to fight human trafficking. Every day in December, I’ll be wearing a bow tie to stand up to this modern day evil. Will you join me? Donate whatever you can and help me reach my goal of $10,000.

Pandemic Impact: Good & Bad

We’re slowly coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while there have of course been tremendous impacts, we’ve also seen unexpected change. Technological adoption exploded as people were forced to figure out Zoom and more. Connecting with your family across distances has become much easier. 

But there’s a flip side to that positive change: Human traffickers are also utilizing technology like never before to exploit people. Just as we’ve found new ways to make technology work for us, so have people intent on exploitation. In some cases, those without the means to keep up with technology have become even more vulnerable. Here’s a whole rundown of different ways COVID-19 has impacted human trafficking.

That’s a depressing reality, but rather than let it get us down, I think it should inspire us to redouble our efforts. 

Go Farther: More Money, New Donors

That’s the mindset I’m bringing to Dressember this year. Last year I raised $5,000. This year my goal is $10,000. 

I’d love to get new people to donate—especially today on the very first day of Dressember. Even if it’s just $5, please consider opening your wallet and your heart to this issue. 

And even if we don’t raise the money, let’s raise awareness. Maybe you’ve never heard of this issue before. That’s OK. For some people, they wish they hadn’t heard of this issue. That’s also OK. It’s a tough reality to face. Maybe you’re not ready to confront human trafficking right now, but we’ve planted the seed and you’re thinking about it. Or you’re telling your friends and they’re thinking about it. 

It may take some time, but eventually those people might become advocates and fight human trafficking themselves. Once you sit with human trafficking for a while, you can’t just let it be—you must do something. 

So join me this year in doing something. Make a donation. Tell your friends. Or take up your own bow tie (or however you dress up).

People Are Watching

One of the harshest realities of human trafficking is that it’s not something that happens in countries far away. It’s right here in the U.S., in California, in Los Angeles. While conditions vary, many victims of slavery will undoubtedly come across media. They’ll see TV news or social media or hear people talking.

Imagine how it makes them feel to see people fighting human trafficking. Imagine the boost of hope it could give when they see people who don’t know them but know their plight and suffering.

The fight against human trafficking can often feel overwhelming. It’s just too big, too pervasive, too entrenched. But every bit of hope matters. Every dollar donated helps. Every social post spreads the message. Every goofball in a bow tie is a glimmer of hope. 

So please join me in supporting Dressember this year:

Thank you.