Salesforce Trails and Trials: Episode 2

In this episode of Salesforce Trails and Trials, hosts Jon Cline and Erik Yewell talk about changing field names and labels as a small thing that can have big consequences. They also cover creative uses for scratch orgs and Einstein chatbots, and then talk pickleball, crowdsourced hardware, and GitHub as a legacy builder.

Jon Cline has been working in IT since 1998 and is a very curious person. Erik has been in IT for 23 years and done just about everything you can imagine. Together, they’re never bored.

One thing Jon has learned lately is the power of using scratch orgs to create demos for clients. Meanwhile, Erik used an Einstein chatbot to go from nothing to 95% complete in two days.

Changing field names and labels in Salesforce is easy. That customization is the secret sauce of Salesforce. But it can also have major unintended consequences. It might work on your end, but suddenly the CEO’s dashboard breaks and you’re getting an angry phone call. Salesforce warns you with a dialogue box, but so many people click ignore without reading it. But you have to be careful about the various dependencies. It’s important to have governance around these kinds of changes.


  • Jon created as an Airbnb for pickleball to help people reserve courts.
  • How to use simple code and an ESP32 dev board to create a webified pool controller that saved $10,000.
  • You can really boost productivity by sharing solutions on Github, which accelerates the work of others and creates a legacy.
  • SaverLife is a financial app that gamifies savings and Biz Kids is a way for kids to learn about business and financial literacy.
  • Watch for the upcoming CenCal Dreamin’ conference in June.