Want to join me in changing the world? All you have to do is dress up in December. 

Dressember is a global movement that uses fashion and creativity to fight human trafficking. Every December they host a style challenge where men and women wear a dress or tie for 31 days. We raise money throughout the month to support prevention, intervention, and survivor empowerment programs. Together we’ve raised over $13 million. 

My goal this year is to raise $10,000. I’d love for you to support or join me. 

All you have to do is commit to wear a dress or tie every day in December and set your own fundraising goal. You can sign up now to participate in Dressember 2021. As a bonus, new advocates can unlock a $50 donation!

There are three reasons why this cause is important to me:

1. Domestic Focus

While human trafficking is a global problem, there’s definitely a domestic angle here in the U.S. I appreciate that Dressember focuses on the domestic side because we should take care of our own backyard. 

As a former foster kid, I understand how quickly someone can slip into danger without the right support. Human trafficking is an industry that preys on the vulnerable, and too often that’s meant foster kids. By stopping human trafficking, there’s one fewer way foster kids can fall into the cracks. 

2. Do Good and Have Fun 

Life is busy and full of noise. But Dressember is a way to break through the noise and connect with people about an important issue. It’s a way we can do some good and have fun doing it. 

Wearing a tie every day for a month is kind of silly, but it’s a good way to broach a really dark topic. I love that aspect of finding a way to break through and connect with people. 

Plus, bow ties are vastly underrated. 

3. Business Rationale

Human trafficking is $150 billion industry that interacts and intersects with much of the global supply chain. Businesses have a vested interest in making sure this terrible evil doesn’t taint their supply chains. 

Much of my work involves helping businesses and organizations do better, and this is a major way they can participate in doing good. Imagine if your entire team participated. Not only would you have a fabulous looking team for an entire month, but you’d make a serious dent in a global problem. That’s going to create more goodwill than your best team-building exercise.

Let’s Dress Up

I’m lining up my bowties for December. Will you join me? Sign up now to participate in Dressember, and let’s do some good together. I’m on Team Freedom Fashion and you can be too!

$50 for New Advocates

If you join the Dressember campaign as a new advocate, you can unlock a $50 donation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register at dressember.org/fundraise and select “First time advocate” in the dropdown.
  2. Within one week of registering, you’ll see a $50 donation from “New Dressember” added to your page. 

Watch the Documentary

Want to know more? Watch this documentary about Dressember (pay attention and you’ll see me—I make a couple appearances).