Back in June, I presented at the online Salesforce community event, CenCal Dreamin’. Geared for the Central California Salesforce community, the free online event was available to anyone. My session focused on how to design interfaces people actually want to use.

“There’s nothing worse than doing the wrong things well.”

Peter Drucker

Now you can watch my session online:

(Note that the audio doesn’t sync up with the video very well, but after a minute or so my slides replace my smiling face so it isn’t quite as distracting.)

The 37-minute session covers how to get your team to actually use your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Better training doesn’t move the needle, the Salesforce defaults aren’t good enough, and simple ‘carrot and stick’ motivators don’t work. 

The solution is to design something people want to use. 

That requires listening to your team, redesigning their interface, and tapping into intrinsic motivators. We’ll do that by looking at specific changes you can make in Salesforce to clarify what your team sees, improve how they see it, and clarify why and when they want to see it. You can make simple changes in Salesforce with standard/custom objects, page layouts, dynamic forms, default tabs, and more.

So instead of training your team to bend to the software, you’re tailoring the software to fit your team. You’re making work more relevant, you’re protecting their time, and you’re tapping into your team’s internal motivators (what I like to call “intrinsic ice cream”). 

All of that is a recipe for two scoops of delight.

Your team is going to be more efficient, but more importantly, they’re going to love their work. You need all the help you can get in the midst of the great resignation, so that’s a big win for retention.